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Los que quieren hacer tours: Vayan al Sky Village y donde dice Tour hagan clic hagan pero tienes que tener mas de 45 dias en el club. Estas son las preguntas y respuesta

1.Which of these rooms doesn’t have music playing in the background?

Pet Shop

2.What’s the name of the big fish in Ice Fishing?


3.In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times?

Boiler Room

4.Which puffle can catch on fire?


5.How does the pink puffle play?

Skips with a skipping rope

6.Which of these rooms does NOT have a game in it?

The Beach

7.How do you get a pin?

Walk on top of it

8.What’s the name of Captain Rockhopper’s ship?

The Migrator

9.What item is always hidden in a different place in the clothing catalog every month?

The Viking Helmet

10.How much does it cost to buy a player card background?


11.How many sled racing track are there?


12.What item is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of Bean Counters?

A flower Pot

13.Which of these games has a shark in it?

Ice Fishing

14.What day does the newspaper come out?


Y si lo completas todo te ganaras tu gorra para ser tours.


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